Foods that Burn Belly Fat — Watermelon


Watermelon wedges

Watermelon - a dieting super food

There are a lot of claims made about the different foods that are out there in the marketplace, but of course, for our purposes, we are looking for the best foods that burn body fat. Now, I don’t think you would necessarily think of it, but watermelon is a fat burning super food. The effectiveness of this giant, vitamin shaped fruit has grown in noteriety to where now there is even an unofficial watermelon diet. I’m not sure that this is one of those diets that work, but with so many people eating them these days, there might be something to it. 

Watermelon as one of thse foods that burn belly fat work on a couple of different principles. The first is the good, old-fashion principle that water fills you up, and let’s face it, there isn’t a much more water filled food than watermelon. Most of the diets that work operate on the principle that if you start to feel fungry, you should have some water. Water not only dilutes stomach acid, but takes up volume in your stomach and makes you feel fuller. Furthermore, because it often tastes sweet, watermelon can be used as a low calorie substitue for when the cravings for sweets kick in, and when we say low calorie, we are talking less than 50 calories for 1 cup.
In addition to being one of the foods that burn belly fat, watermelon is rich in antioxidents, vitamin C, potassium, and lycopene. Lycopene is best known to be found in tomatoes and is famous for its cancer fighting properties, especially against prostate cancer. Watermelons are also rich in vitamin C and the health benefits of that vitamin are also well known in regards to fighting cancer and the common cold. Potassium is used by the body to help prevent muscle cramps. For the person concerned about how many calories they eat, this property alone makes them a better choice of food than bananas, also rich in potassium, because of the lower calories
Between the fat fighting properties of watermelon and the higher levels of lycopene and vitamin C, watermelon is one of those perfect foods that burn belly fat and that is why we are all here isn’t it. You can work all of the exercises to lose belly fat that you want but in the end, what you eat has a greater impact on how much fat you lose than does any workout program. There are many diets that work, and while I personally do not believe that the watermelon diet is a good one, that does not lessen the impact of watermelon as one of the best foods that burn belly fat.





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